Fall is an important time of the year to take care of your vehicle. Summer is over, winter is coming and its time to make sure you vehicle is safe and ready for that cold, snowy weather. While these tips are simple, they can make a big difference in your winter driving. Here are five fall car care tips to get your vehicle ready for winter.

  1. Check your tires

Look for low tread, uneven tire wear, low tire pressure, and any foreign objects embedded in the tread or sidewalls. You also want to make sure there are no bubbles in the sidewalls or spots that indicate dry rot. Uneven tire wear is especially concerning and can be a sign of a larger problem you should see your mechanic for immediately.

  1. Auto repairs in Burnaby BCCheck your fluid levels


Check all your fluid levels including oil, transmission fluid, and coolant to be sure they are clean and all at the proper levels. If any are very low or look bad, now is the time to get an oil change, transmission or coolant flush before the snow flies and cold weather hits.

  1. Check all your lights

With shorter days coming, your headlights will be on longer, so it is a good time to make sure they work well and your headlight lenses are as clear as they can be. If your headlight lenses look dull, a kit can be purchased to polish them up to look like new and help you see and be seen. You also want to be sure that all your indicator and turn signal lighting works so you are as visible as you can be when the flakes start to fly.

  1. Change your wiper blades

Wiper blades are important year round but even more important when it comes to keeping snow and ice off your windshield. Upgrade to a heavier duty wiper blade for the wintertime to make sure they can handle any the inclement weather without failing. You also want to be sure to switch to a winter grade washer fluid so it will not freeze up when temperatures dip below zero.

  1. cool air for automotiveCheck your heating

While it may sound odd to turn on your heater when is warm, it is better to make sure it works now then on a freezing cold days and you get a surprise. Turn your heater and defroster on and make sure they both blow hot air after given a chance to warm up. If they do not, now is the best time to get into your mechanic and get them repaired.

We hope these five fall car care tips will have you one step ahead when it comes to having your vehicle ready for the cooler weather. Remember, it is always easier to get maintenance and repairs done off-season than it is in the middle of the season! If your vehicle is in need of any fall maintenance or repairs, Crompton Brothers Automotive is here to help! Call us today at 604-540-0304 and let us help you get ready for falling leaves and falling snow!

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