BMW Burnaby Techinicians

Cruising down the open road in a BMW is an incomparable feeling. But when your car needs repairs or maintenance, ensuring you’re getting the best care possible can be challenging. At our shop, we guarantee you will drive assuredly on every journey with top-tier Burnaby BMW automotive repairs and maintenance services. From engine diagnostics to brake systems and tune-ups, we provide all the necessary services for your vehicle so you can get back on the road safely and worry-free.

Regular Maintenance

BMW vehicles require regular maintenance and repair to ensure they remain in optimal performance condition. Routine maintenance for a BMW vehicle includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, fluid checks and top-offs, suspension and steering system inspections, filter replacements, and more.

Drive Assured On Every Journey

At our shop, we understand how important it is for you to drive confidently on every journey. That’s why we provide top-tier BMW automotive repairs and maintenance services to ensure you’re on the road safely and worry-free. Our team of experts are highly trained and certified to work on various BMW models and use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify any potential issues with your vehicle.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics are essential to BMW’s automotive repairs and maintenance services. We use the latest computerized engine analysis equipment to accurately diagnose your vehicle’s problems quickly and correctly the first time. Our experts are highly trained and certified to work on various BMW models, allowing us to identify any potential issues with your vehicle quickly. With our engine diagnostic service, you can have peace of mind knowing that only the best technology is to ensure your car is running smoothly. So don’t take a chance by going to a dealership alternative—trust us at our shop for all your BMW automotive needs!

BMW Hybrid Repair

We understand that hybrid vehicles can present unique challenges regarding repairs and maintenance. That is why our technicians are trained in the latest hybrid repair techniques and use only the best tools and technology available. From oil changes to engine diagnostics, our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to ensure your hybrid vehicle receives the best care possible. Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance or emergency repairs, you can trust that your BMW Hybrid will be in good hands with us. We keep up with the latest technological advances so that your car runs efficiently for years.
Brake Systems
Our technicians are highly trained in the latest brake repair techniques and use only the highest quality parts available in the aftermarket. We offer original import and domestic brake parts. From simple inspections to total rotor replacements, our experienced technicians can handle any issue your vehicle may have with its brakes. We also provide preventative maintenance services to ensure your brakes always function optimally.


Tune-ups play a vital role in keeping your BMW running smoothly and efficiently. We specialize in comprehensive tune-up services, including checking the engine’s spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters, and oil levels. We also check for worn or failing components that need replacing to ensure maximum performance and reliability. In addition, our technicians can help diagnose any engine issues you may be experiencing, such as rough idling or poor acceleration. Regular tune-ups can keep your BMW running like new for years!

Dealership Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to the dealership for maintaining and repairing your BMW? Look no further! Crompton Brothers Automotive offers professional automotive repairs and maintenance services that rival any dealership. We specialize in all types of BMW’s and can handle everything from oil changes and tune-ups to engine repairs. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills to ensure your vehicle runs at its best. So if you’re looking for quality service without the high cost, come to BMW today!

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