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Trusted Burnaby Auto Mechanics

If you’re tired of the overpriced dealer – or independent shops that can’t seem to fix your car right – you need to visit Crompton Brothers in Burnaby, BC. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and the reasons why are simple: we’re honest and know what we’re doing. Vehicle manufacturers trust us to complete maintenance service (we’re warranty-approved) and our technicians are licensed professionals.

Car Repair and Maintenance

But wait – do we service your type of vehicle? You bet we do! We work on all kinds of imports and domestics, as well as RVs and Motorhomes. These are some of the maintenance and repair services we provide:
When you look at your dash, do you see a warning light that looks like a stick figure holding a beach ball? Or, perhaps, the letters SRS illuminated? If you answered yes to either, you have a problem with the supplemental restraint system (SRS). That’s a fancy way of saying airbags. The good news is, we can fix the problem for you, so you know you’re protected in the case of an accident.

Air Bag / SRS / Passive Restraint General Service

If you can’t stop properly, nothing else matters. That’s why the brake system is the most important part of your car. From a simple brake pad replacement to complex ABS diagnostics, we do it all – and we do it well.
It’s estimated that around 40%-50% of engine failures result from cooling system issues. If you think you may have a problem – such as a coolant leak or overheating – don’t take any chances. Bring your vehicle to us ASAP.
On modern vehicles, mechanical components and electronics are interwoven into one complex system. The good news is, we understand late-model technology, as well as old-school mechanics. Bring your drivability problems to us to get them fixed right the first time.

Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

Modern vehicles have miles of wiring onboard, making electrical system diagnosis & repair difficult. But at Crompton Brothers, we’re up to the challenge. For decades we’ve been solving tough electronics problems that other shops turn away.


A leaking exhaust can be loud, annoying, and in some cases, dangerous. Meanwhile, a failed catalytic converter or DPF (for you diesel owners) can be extremely costly. But rest assured, if you come to Crompton Brothers, you’ll get the best repair at the best value.
Taking care of a fleet of vehicles is hard work that can be extremely stressful. Leave your troubles behind by allowing us to maintain your fleet for you.

Fluid Exchanges and Flushes

Engine oil isn’t the only vital fluid that requires service. Your vehicle also has coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid that requires attention. In some cases, it may also have differential and transfer case fluid. Don’t wait until it’s too late – service your vehicle with us today.

Fluid Leak Detection

What’s that puddle in your driveway? Left unattended to, fluid leaks can cause big-time problems such as engine and transmission failures. If you’ve got something dripping from your vehicle, don’t procrastinate – let us fix it today!

Fuel Systems

A gas smell, rough running, hard starting – these are just some of the symptoms associated with faulty fuel systems. Let us fix the problem and get you back on the road.
The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Let us fix it right with our expert equipment and years of applied knowledge. We perform all types of general engine repairs from complete rebuilds to head gasket replacements.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Nothing makes a car more uncomfortable than a failure in the HVAC system. If your heater is blowing warm, or your air conditioning is on the fritz, stop by today for expert repair.

Ignition Systems

Ignition components such as spark plugs and coil packs seem simple enough. But when they fail, they cause a misfire that can eventually damage expensive parts (i.e., the engine and catalytic converter). Don’t let this happen to you. Visit Crompton Brothers ASAP for professional ignition systems repair.
The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is designed to promote the longevity of your vehicle. Since we’re warranty approved, we can take care of all OEM services just like the dealer would.

Oil & Lube

There’s more to an oil change than most people realize. During the procedure, many engine-damaging errors can be made, such as using the wrong type of oil or leaving the drain plug loose. So, don’t trust your car to some quickie-lube place. Play it safe by visiting the pros at Crompton Brothers.

Pre-purchase and Pre-trip Inspections

Whether you’re buying a new car or just going on a lengthy trip, it helps to have an expert look over your vehicle. At Crompton Brothers, we offer pre-purchase and pre-trip inspections for peace of mind.
Being stranded due to a dead battery is a real bummer – especially if it happens during a cold Canadian winter! The professional team at Crompton Brothers can make sure your battery and charging system are up to snuff, plus take care of any needed repairs.


The steering system directly affects the safety of your vehicle. Also, problems such as worn tie rods and a misaligned front end, can quickly wear out your tires. We perform all the services needed to keep your vehicle driving straight: from alignments to steering rack replacements.


Suspension components such as worn struts and loose ball joints can affect vehicle handling and safety. Plus, they can quickly chew up your tires. But don’t worry – we can address your suspension woes to keep your vehicle comfortable and safe.

Timing Belt Replacement

On many cars, the engine can sustain catastrophic damage if the timing belt breaks. Just like a tune-up or oil change, timing belt replacement is a fundamental part of regular service. It must be performed according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Transmission and Clutch

Other than the engine, the transmission is the most significant – and most expensive part – of your vehicle. At Crompton Brothers, we perform all kinds of automatic and manual transmission service and repair. From a simple fluid and filter exchange to a full-on rebuilt, we’ve got you covered.

Today’s vehicles still require a routine tune-up for proper performance. Keep your engine running right – and avoid harmful misfires – by regularly replacing spark plugs and other ignition parts.

And Much More! Give Us a Call today with any questions you have regarding your Vehicle: 604-540-0304. We’ll be happy to assist you!



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