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Burnaby Fleet Maintenance


With every appointment we will:

  1. 1 Inspect All Fluid Condition & Levels
  2. 2 Inspect All Lights
  3. 3 Inspect Suspension & Steering
  4. 4 Inspect Wiper Blades
  5. 5 Inspect All Belts
  1. 6 Inspect Brakes
  2. 7 Rotate Tires If Required
  3. 8 Covid-19 Disinfecting Service Available
  4. 9 Detailing Services Available
  5. 10 Check For Rodent Damage Or Intrusion
We never do any repairs without your approval, honor our quotes & take pride in all our repairs. With us, you receive a 2-year warranty on parts & 1 year on labor.

Fleet maintenance: getting the best out of your every vehicle

Fleet maintenance is not easy. Keeping track of every vehicle in your company is a work description many people cannot fit into. It is like being an amateur racing on the very best stallion; you can never stay on course.

Why go through this immense stress when all you have to is give us a nod and we will keep your trucks running at the highest level? And not that only, we will make sure each vehicle’s input is at the best.

We at Crompton Brothers know the challenge of maintaining fleets, and have taken it as our passion to help managers/owners. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and you will smile all the way to the bank.

Our package of maintenance

We totally take charge of your vehicles and leave you time to attend to crucial aspects of your business or company. In our package of maintenance services, here is just a taste of what you will get:

Our dedicated support: we are always at your call and beck. Within the first call, we will solve as much as 90% of your issues. We are never busy for you all day any day.

Award-winning customer service: we are here because of you. We will make you our priority.

Adaptability and flexibility: whatever kind of Transit vehicles you have, we got it all under control. We have customized solutions to every challenge.

Why us?

With everyone vying for your maintenance job, it is going to be a close race to making the right choice. However, with us, it will be an easy decision. We are miles ahead of the rest with our unmatched maintenance package. Here is what places us above everyone else:

We are affordable: yes, money is a motivation, but it is not what we put ahead. Our maintenance services are tailored to fit your pocket. We are very affordable. No, that does not mean a compromise to our quality of services.

We get your vehicle back to the road faster: we know you are counting on your every vehicle for its maximum input. We would not have it otherwise. We promptly work on your vehicles to keep them 100% schedule on the road.

Reliability, honesty, and accountability: we treat your trucks as our own. When there is something to be done, we are going to be there not a second later. We are honest and accountable; you got the best professionals working behind doors to keep your vehicles effective and efficient.

State-of-the-art technology: we keep up with technology. In fact, we are always the first to try and adopt new technology. Our software and programs are up to scratch. You are getting the best guys with the right technology working around your fleet.

Excellent customer service: we value your partnership. The moment you entrust your trucks to us, you will not regret a thing. You will get the best of our customer service. We will keep you updated on everything. Whenever you need a thing, just call us or come to us. We are here to serve you, and your wish is our command.



MON - FRI 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday CLOSED


Crompton Brothers Automotive
7797 Edmonds St,
Burnaby, BC V3N 1B9


Amazing customer service!!! Fair prices and timely completion of Work.

We honour and do work for the following warranty companies: