Burnaby Rodent Repellent For Car Engines

Intrusive rodents can be a major problem for the health of your vehicle. The many small spaces in the engine bay and elsewhere can provide an ideal nesting space for rats and mice, while insulation and sound deadening material can serve as a perfect bedding medium for the small creatures.

Add to this the fact that rodents have a constant need to chew things to prevent their teeth from growing too long and you’ve got a perfect recipe for damage to wiring, hoses and other components. That’s before we get to the unpleasant smell and health hazards that come with droppings. Air filters can become clogged by nesting materials, while damage to the engine’s complex wiring harness can require a full replacement, the repair bills for which can run into thousands of dollars.

Thankfully there are a number of measures you can take to deter these creatures from making their home in your vehicle.

Drive Regularly

One of the main things you can do to stop rodents nesting in your vehicle is to start and drive it regularly. Rodents like to make their nests in quiet, out of the way places. The noise and vibration produced by a running and driving vehicle will soon evict any small and unwanted passengers. You can also honk the horn before you start driving to scare rodents away and let them know that this is no place to make a home.

Secure Your Garage

A recently driven car will be warm, and this makes it more attractive to small rodents who want to shelter from winter’s cold. Parking outside will soon dissipate any warmth, but parking your vehicle inside a garage will make it a more attractive prospect for animals to nest in. One step you can take to keep them out is to make sure your garage is secure and lacking any entry points for small animals to get inside.

Food and Nest Materials

Make sure not to store nesting materials or nutrition sources like dog food near your vehicle. These will attract rats, mice,squirrels, snakes etc. and keep them nearby making them more likely to build nests in your vehicle. If you choose to keep food sources in your garage near your car you should make sure they’re stored in rodent-proof containers that can’t be chewed through to gain access.

Lift the Hood/Keep the Lights On

If you’re planning to store your vehicle for long periods of time in your garage there are a couple of steps you can take to deter would-be residents. Rodents are much less likely to make their homes in a bright environment, so lifting the vehicle’s hood and leaving lights on will make it less likely that you’ll find them living in your ride.

Crompton Brothers Rodent Repeller

Another step you can take to repel rodents is using Crompton Brothers Rodent Repeller for Cars & Trucks. This innovative spray is formulated with peppermint oil to repel pests naturally. Regular applications of the spray are recommended as it can be washed away in wet weather driving.

Crompton Brothers Automotive offers full  pest removal and sanitization services including removal of nests and also offers bottles of Rodent Repeller for you to use at home. All of our  removal services start with a fresh bottle which you can take home with you for future use. Call Crompton Brothers Automotive at (604) 540-0304 to book a pest control appointment today or join us at 7797 Edmonds Street in Burnaby to pick up a bottle today.

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