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Burnaby Village Museum

-A visit to the past!

Burnaby Village Museum is an open-air museum in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, near Deer Lake Park, that opened in 1972. It is a location where history can be replayed. Beautiful historical buildings, a blacksmith shop, a basic store, an old-style ice cream parlor, and its unique 1920s charm make up the Heritage Village! The structures in Burnaby Village Museum are natural beauty, with some of them being original heritage structures obtained from other communities. On the other hand, are replicas of historical buildings and display over 50,000 artifacts of various sizes and types.

Facts That Will Easily Captivate You


The Burnaby Village Museum used to be a 4.3-acre site with a small collection of antiques. You’ll be amazed to learn that it currently spans ten acres and contains over 50,000 pieces of varying sizes and creativity. The Governor-General of Canada was present during the Museum’s opening in 1971. In just three days since its opening, the Museum received 15000 visitors. The Heritage Village was renamed the “Burnaby Village Museum” in 1984 to reflect its role as Burnaby’s community museum. The area grew to 9 acres during the next three years when it acquired lands near Deer Lake and built a new entrance.


The Museum had cattle on display during its first season, which began in 1972. Visitors were able to smell hoof as part of the Museum’s promotion. A Chinese Herbalist Display, a Model Railway, and a 1911 bachelor’s house created by Tom Irvine were opened for display three years after the initial season. Along with the Royal Bank building, a heritage Burnaby building was set up as a real estate and surveyor’s office in the Museum the following year. The Museum’s interurban tram was transferred for restoration in 2001, and it was returned to the Museum in 2007 in its original condition.

Free Entry

Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike other heritage sites, the Burnaby Village Museum does not charge entry tickets, which may charge $10 or even more.


So many films have been shot at the Museum, and it has been a fantastic set. Several famous movies and series have been filmed here, including:

  1. Lucifer
  1. Huckleberry Finn and His Friends
  1. Supernatural

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Burnaby Village Museum

6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3T6
Head northeast toward Deer Lake Ave
18 m
Turn right toward Deer Lake Ave
17 m
Turn left onto Deer Lake Ave
43 m
Turn left onto Sperling Ave
73 m
Turn right onto Canada Way
2.5 km
Turn left onto Edmonds St
Destination will be on the left
210 m

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