Winter in BC is a driver’s ultimate test, with some of the world’s most unpredictable and challenging road conditions. Mountain passes are frequent along our rugged highways; it won’t be uncommon to go from sunny skies at home to treacherous rain, fog, sleet, snow – even ice! The best defense against wintery elements? Prepare your vehicle well before traveling on the highways: otherwise, you might find yourself caught off guard by Mother Nature!

Snow Tires Until April 30

Winter and spring  driving can be daunting and dangerous, but with the help of Crompton Brothers Automotive, you’ll have peace of mind as your car is meticulously checked for any possible issues. With their expertise, parts and equipment – plus a comprehensive system of checks and services -you’ll hit the road fully confident that your vehicle has what it takes to battle even the harshest winter weather!

If you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful British Columbia and be able to explore its majestic mountainous highways, then remember that winter tires or snow chains are a must on the Coquihalla until April 30. Refrain from getting stuck with all-season tires when the law demands something more rugged – Crompton Brothers can help! Our experienced technicians will take care of changing over your vehicle’s winter tires quickly & efficiently while making sure everything else is running smoothly too, so why not book an appointment today?

Light Check

When the sun starts to set earlier and with BC’s fickle winter weather, having working lights on your vehicle is essential for safe driving. Crompton Brothers can help ensure that all aspects of lighting are up-to-date, so you’re always visible while hitting the roads in cold months – fog or no fog!


Keep the elements from determining your driving experience! With Crompton Brothers’ checks, you can trust that even in low visibility conditions, you’ll be able to see clearly and drive with confidence. Don’t risk being unprepared for unexpected weather – stay a step ahead and make sure your vehicle’s heater/defroster is always ready to go!

Washer Fluid

Winter driving can be treacherous, but having a reliable set of windshield wipers, plenty of washer fluid, and antifreeze will ensure you stay safe on the roads. Put your trust in Crompton Brothers – their experienced technicians know how to prepare your vehicle for whatever Mother Nature has in store!

 The Coquihalla Cams

Driving between Kamloops and Hope can be a wild ride – travelers, beware! The highway is flanked with formidable avalanche chutes that harken the steep terrain all around. In winter, it’s kept open thanks to powerful machinery like avalanche guns mounted on platforms nearby. Check the BC Highway weather cams for the Coquihalla road conditions before starting out. Driving this route has its risks: strong snowfall makes it tricky even for experienced drivers to stay safe while traversing the path; plus there’s also an uphill grade in summer months which could put your car at risk of overheating if you’re not careful or well-equipped enough. Thankfully though, Highway patrols are frequent, but cell service is spotty and cannot be counted on.

Prepare For The Road

Get winter road-ready with Crompton Brothers Automotive! With reviews for customer service excellence, you can rely on us to ensure your vehicle is prepped and ready on time. Please take advantage of this great opportunity and call us today at 604-540-0304. Take the stress out of driving in poor weather conditions by getting expert automotive help from Crompton Brothers Automotive professionals who won’t let you down!

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