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Remove all debris from Rodents in engine compartment, vacuum, shampoo, bio clean & spray peppermint oil, we will send home remainder of bottle with you.

What are you to do to help keep the pests away?

Once a month open hood of vehicle spray light mist of peppermint oil all over the engine compartment

Also Helpful to :

Remove food sources.

Discourage nesting by using bright lighting.

Repellant fragrances

Stop points of entry.

Use of electronic deterrents.

Start the engine of your vehicle often, do not let it sit idle for long periods of time.


Mice and rats can be attracted to bags of dog kibble, dry cat food, bird seed, livestock feed, garden seeds, or even stored emergency meal supplies that may be kept in a garage. If there’s a handy food supply nearby, rodents may take up residence in a conveniently parked vehicle.

Make sure that all of these types of edible options are stored in sturdy, sealed, rodent-proof containers. Cardboard cartons and paper, plastic, or cloth bags will not prevent mice and rats from getting inside. If you have children who eat snacks in the car and drop crumbs between the seats, you will make local mice very happy. And those people who forgetfully leave big bags of dog food in the trunks of their car are also asking for trouble. Try to avoid spilling snacks in the car, and vacuum between and beneath the seats often to reduce the risk of attracting unwanted guests.

Rodents like to build nests and stash food into nearby places so they can eat it at a later time. Sometimes rodents will store food in inconvenient places like inside a car’s air filters. Keeping the garage light on (and the car hood open) might discourage nesting because some rodents can’t sleep with the lights on, and they may chose to nest in darker places instead. For those who do not park in a garage, leaving the vehicle hood open in the daytime is sometimes recommended to keep the intruders from finding a dark enclosed place to nest.



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