When time comes for your car’s maintenance, you want to take it to the best shop. It is not an easy task. There are so many guys with grease all over their outfit and wrenched hands. It is overwhelming.

For someone with a European car, it gets difficult with the choices. Not many repair shops are versed with European models. With most of them, it will be a matter of try-and-see. The last thing you want on your European car is amateur hands; you will leave with a bigger problem than you came with.

Among auto myths peddled around is that you should only trust dealership with your European car maintenance and repairs. It could never be farther from the truth. At Crompton Brothers we have an experienced technician trained on European vehicles and technology to work on your car and make it as good as new.

As they say, seeing is believing. Bring your European car to Crompton Brothers Automotiveand you will never take it anywhere else.

That said; why should you only take your European model car to Crompton Brothers Automotive?

Right and quality parts

Your German or Britain machine is built to perform at its best. To get a guarantee for that beastly performance through any weather and conditions, it has to be the right quality parts. There is no shortcut when it comes to maintaining and repairing your European vehicle.


Certified technicians

The worst thing that could happen to you is taking your car to someone who does not understand a thing about it. They will not tell you, but will go ahead and do all kinds of crap and ask you for a payment. That is a raw deal and you are opening a Pandora box of problems for your car.

With specialized shops, you get trained, experienced and certified technicians. They know every nut and bolt of your vehicle’s engine. Besides, their experience gives them an edge in diagnosing and solving problems. You can never be in better hands than someone who knows his/her way around your European car.


You get peace of mind

There is a feeling of satisfaction when you know your car has been serviced and maintained by the best technician. As you drive around, you have zero worries about anything. You concentrate on staying safe on the road, running your errands and enjoying every mile of your ride. That is the package you get when you only trust a specialized European Auto repair and maintenance shop.


Affordable rates

You hardly know the basics of how your vehicle works. It is rocket science to you when it comes to intricate maintenance and repairs. Some auto mechanics would want to make more than it is worth out of your ignorance. It is a sad experience that car owners go through every day.

However, specialized and professional auto shops are honest. They will only ask you to pay for what has actually been done. The charges are relatively affordable. The good news is; you actually get the problem solved.

Wrap up

Do not trust your European vehicle maintenance with any guy in greasy outfits and holding spanners. Until you find a shop that specializes in your kind of car, do not settle for anything less.

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